to Show Timor-Leste to the world

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How can you help?
Its not easy being me sometimes! I am but one person representing a country that has never seen snow, and to do this takes a lot of time, money, effort and stress. So, I am looking for help. There are many ways you can ‘jump on board’.

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Forming a relationship with me and being my major sponsor would be the ultimate decision I would love. Just as a guideline for you many Athletes in this field (with sponsors) ensure that their athlete has up to and sometimes in excess of 8 ski’s per discipline. I have 2, and currently they are both in need of repair!

Showing your support in a financial manner will help meet the ongoing costs for training, race expenses, ski equipment, protective ski clothing, travel and accommodation.

It is also possible to show your support by means of an ‘in kind’ donation by this, I mean you may be in a position to offer accommodation, offer equipment, clothing, offer something that will assist in our fundraising, believe me when I say that everything will help.

Jump on Board

What can I give in return?
My family, friends and a few amazing volunteers, are my TEAM, and without them this just wouldn’t happen, so if you are keen to align yourself with me, I see it as a major networking opportunity both nationally and internationally as the Olympics has a global audience unmatched by any other event.

I like to think our relationship would be a win/win situation given this would be your own ‘personal’ advertising campaign because for what you are prepared to put into ‘our relationship’ will quite possibly be minimal for the maximum exposure you are guaranteed to get, and I would get the help I need to make my dream come true.

We are a very small team, but we are genuine people that will give you and your contribution the best possible attention, and remember it doesn’t stop here with Sochi.