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Meet Yohan

meet yohan side bg Introduced to snow skiing in the French Alps at a very young age by his enthusiastic father, saw Yohan Goncalves Goutt exceed any parents dream for a child to embrace a sport the way he did.

"I have basically started to ski before I could walk, it all started when I was 1 year old on the slopes of Val D’isere on my fathers back pack since I have not looked back."

How it started
A skiing holiday with my family and a close family friend from Australia, Bill, when I was 8 was where it all began.

Bill, not used to used to snow skiing like the Goutt family, had a morning on the slopes with Pierre – Yohans father, and although weary from his mornings efforts was somewhat confident that he would be able to satisfy his friends youngster with a `nice play in the snow` that same afternoon…

Pierre took me almost to my limit – but Yohan has just finished me off!
I am writing to the Australian Institute of Sport, because Yohan should be heading for the Olympics!

- Bill Zammit, Australia.

Something happened to me that day – it was like the universe aligned and those words hypnotised me. I knew from that moment the direction I was heading for. I love my parents so much for the strengths and morals I have inherited from them and for me to be able to give back is my driving force.

how it started

The Timorese heritage
“My mother is from TIMOR-LESTE, she gave me her culture and heritage of her home country - my father is French and he gave me the passion and love for skiing and I love being able to combine both”

With a firm hold on his Timorese heritage Yohan wants to represent one of the worlds poorest, most isolated countries; a country that has never seen snow at the 2014 Winter Olympics being held at Sotchi. Yohan is fortunate to have been born in France where his ability and talent for his chosen sport has been enhanced by the ease of distance enabling him perfect European training grounds.

More about Yohan
Yohan is an ambitious, handsome, charming 19-year-old charismatic man who is also currently studying Administration and International exchanges at University Paris 12, he is also very well spoken and fluent in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish languages.

Having been raised in an environment of multiculturalism has held good stead for Yohan as he is a great example of successful integration with France, TIMOR-LESTE and Australia as sports and youth ambassador for TIMOR-LESTE.

knowing more about yohan

His Ambition
After Sochi Yohan will concentrate on3 new challenges, preparing for the South Korean Games in 2018, his studies as well as a project he is working with the Association Française de ski du TIMOR-LESTE

 (AFDSTL) and Australian TIMOR-LESTE Olympic Ski Association (ATLOSA) to establish a recreational and Cultural Center for the Timorese Youth.

Yohan will be accompanying Timorese children in the DREAM PROGRAM; is an annual 10-day event that takes place in Pyeongchang South Korea, which will host the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. The program invites young participants from developing nations that have few chances to experience winter sports including disabled athletes.